♡ APOLLO! ♡ he/kitty
16 (5/12) white
trans (tme) bisexual


  • usual dni criteria

  • maps, anti-antis, pro-ship, p*dos, think fiction doesn't affect reality

  • terfs/radfems, transmeds

  • fans of shit media

  • dreamsmp/thomas sanders/pewdiepie/etc. fans

  • i'll block you if i don't want you following me

  • please tag eye injuries for me (#eye horror/#eye trauma)

  • lmk if i rb from a bad source

  • do not involve me in discourse, i don't care

  • this isn't required, but if want to send me a "💌" to show that you read through, i'd greatly appreciate it


  • ace attorney*

  • botw

  • marine biology

  • pokemon

  • portal

  • stardew valley

  • *i've only played up until aa5 + aai1&2 so far

  • i am critical of all of my interests

  • more here!

more about ME!

  • i'm always available to talk!! feel free to add me to your sever or just chat w me, my discord is skitty!#3306 (just let me know who you are please)

  • tag me in anything you think i'd like! (if u tag me in cats/sea slugs/skitty posts i WILL love you forever, ok?)

  • i will show you pictures of my cats if u ask i love them. also feel free 2 show me pictures of your cats i also love them tell your cats i love them please please

  • if you ever want 2 play games like portal or sdv w me add me on steam!!